How to use industrial labels

Our industrial labels are durable enough to handle your company's  outdoor applications. 

You can use them to mark Mechanical Equipment,Control panels and industrial equipment.

Integrated labels using screen printing technology, double-sided adhesive tape on the back.

Label has smooth surface and matte surface two effects.

The label can be used as a transparent window and a drum button.

What To follow In Industrial Labels?


Water resistance?

Sun fastness?

Aging resistance?

Adhesion strength?

Choosing a suitable label can meet your requirements.

Vinyl label material is aging resistant white matte or transparent material.

Polyester label is Silk screen printing technology,Stick double-sided adhesive tape on the back.

Label material selection is typically based on the color or transparency.

Transparent polyester materials are used for control panel labels and industrial equipment labels 

whereas white vinyl might be chosen for machinery and electrical equipment label.

For machinery label applications requiring a premium, nameplate look, superior durability, or adhesion to highly textured surfaces. 10 mil 

clear Lexan(polycarbonate) with a velvet finish on the top surface is subsurface printed (printed with mirror image) on the back side. 

we use 3M 300LSE, 3M 467MP or 3M9448A) is laminated over the printed back, and the safety label is cut from the Lexan. 

The machinery label printing is protected by the 10 mils of Lexan, and the velvet surface masks minor surface scratches keeping the PANTON 

color. Machinery label looking like new for years. 

Using Thick (5 mil) Adhesive (3M 468MP) facilitates adhesion to highly textured surfaces.

3M 300LSE is used for adhering your  machinery labell to Low Surface Energy plastics. 3M 9448A and 467MP is our most common adhesive.

Common label categories are:

machinery label

appliances label

sunproof signage

UL label

3M sticker,

3M reflective label

Integrated label

control panel label

Console control panel label

Industrial product label

Mechanical equipment label

Industrial equipment label

Machine control panel label

Matte film label


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