Gold stamping to press an image into the label

The effect of label bronzing is shiny, which can be used for embossing effect. 

Bronzing labels can be used for food labels, drug labels, wine labels, cosmetics labels, and roll labels, which are suitable for automatic labeling machines.

Gold stamping to press an image into the label material so that the image is raised above the label surface. Our process for doing this is called heat stamping sometimes referred to as cameo or tooling. 

Foil stamping is a method of printing that releases the foil to the surface of your label when the foil is either hot-stamped or cold-pressed. 

Visual differences between the two are generally indistinguishable to the untrained eye.  

This bronzing process looks very high-grade visually.

Common label categories are:

wove paper wine label

Relief bronzing label

gold stamping wine label

matte paper wine label

Coarse paper wine label

Gold foil wine label

Transparent wine label

Leather grain wine label

EGGSHELL lines wine label

UV Shiny wine label

woven paper wine label

UV Concave convex label

Pearlescent sticker

Shiny metal wine label

Frosted gilding label

Metal wine label


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