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Production advantages:

Our company has 6 color UV Offset press, 6 color letterpress UV printing machine, web screen printing machine, high speed bar code printer, hot stamping machine, quality inspection machine and other equipment! 

We are a professional label printing factory with unique insights into every product label, even in highly specialized categories.

We don't only produce one product, but also provide solutions for your needs.

Roll Bottle sticker

multi-layer label

sun-resistant labels

Machine equipment labels


As long as it is a self-adhesive label,

80% of your needs can be addressed here!

Recommended products

Automatic bronzing, high-speed die cutting, automatic quality inspection, 

Bar code print, scraping silver, silk screen printing raised light oil, relief, embossing and other post-processing technology !

Equipment labels

machinery labels

equipment labels

appliances labels

Sun resistant labels

Equipment Industrial labels

Outdoor promotional labels

3M Reflective labels

Multi layer label

Multi layer printed labels

extended-content labels

five layer printing labels

Product Classification

Self-adhesive label

sun-resistant label

Bronzing label

Cartoon sticker

Roll Bottle label

Concave convex bronzing label

Roll label

Roll label

Bottle label

Multi layer label

Food label

Cosmetic label

Sun resistant label

Sunproof label,

Waterproof label,

3M sticker,

Reflective label

Outdoor weatherproof label

Multi layer label

multi layer sticker

Fold sticker

Extended-content label

Folding Instruction manual label

Equipment label

Machinery label

Appliances label

Control panel label

Equipment label

UL label

Letter logo label

We help plan your project, quote a reasonable price and deliver an excellent finished product.

Speed Advantage:

High speed automatic printing production, adequate stock of raw materials, perfect post-processing supporting technology, stable quality, fast delivery! 

Urgent orders can be shipped within 24 hours, normal orders can be shipped within 3 days!

As long as DHL,UPS,FedEx,TNT can reach, you can place an order.

We are a professional label printing factory with unique insights into every product labels.

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