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Crystal glue label

The Crystal Glue label can achieve the relief effect and the crystal three-dimensional effect, the color label and the metal label can make this three-dimensional effect.


Concave convex text sticker can be embossed and three-dimensional effect, color labels and metal labels can be made of this three-dimensional effect.

We are expert factories perspective on every kind of product labeling, even across highly specialized categories.

Our factory specializes in producing self-adhesive labels for various special applications.

For example:luminous label, reflective film label, excavator sticker, outdoor sun-resistant labels, freeze resistant label, high temperature resistant label

We help plan your project, quote a reasonable price and deliver an excellent finished product.

We offer over 40 different types of custom-printed labels.

Special label categories are:

Fluorescent sticker

Luminous label

Reflective sticker

Reflective film label

Refrigerator magnet

Fluorescent paper sticker

Leather paper sticker

Crystal glue label

Dome label

PU glue label

flannelette label

signet sticker

excavator stickers

outdoor sun-resistant labels

Machine equipment label

Mirror silver label

foil & embossed label

Cosmetic label

Transparent wine label

signet sticker


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